7 Steps You Can Take to Avoid Home Foundation Problems

We don’t often think about the foundation of our homes until it’s too late and signs of severe damage, like cracks and leaks, start to show themselves. Home foundation problems can be very expensive to fix, so it’s a good idea to follow these tips to head off problems before they start.

1. Grade your Yard

Grade your yard – if this isn’t done properly, too much water can flow toward your home’s base and penetrate your foundation. Soil and mulch can expand and put pressure on the walls of the foundation. Use a level to check the slope of the soil – be sure that the grade is 6 inches over 10 feet and that the direction of the slope is away from your home.

2. Install Drains

Install in-ground drains to keep water from pooling too close to your home. You can also direct downspouts to keep excess water flowing away from your house.

3. Keep Plants Away from the Edge

Make sure that trees and other plants are a safe distance from your home. If it’s dry out, their roots will drain the soil of the moisture that’s necessary to keep your foundation in good condition.

4.Watch the Moisture

Keep moisture levels in check. Too much moisture is bad for your foundation, but problems may also occur if it’s too dry. Build rock beds so that water from your sprinkler reaches the deeper levels of your lawn.

5. Use A Timed Sprinkler

Setting a timer on your sprinkler system so that it waters twice a day can also be helpful. Try to water right before the sun comes up and again after sunset in 30-minute increments. Water your lawn more often during dry spells.

6. Fill in Cracks

If you find a hairline crack, you can fix it with epoxy. Be sure to clean the cracks out before filling them with glue or other products designed specifically for repairing concrete.

7. Inspect the Plumbing

Be sure your plumbing has been inspected. We recommend annual checks for leaks in your sewer lines and your sprinkler system.

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